Pregnancy Care And Treatment: What Your OBGYN Provides

Posted on: 7 July 2022

When you become pregnant, you may be given a referral to an OBGYN. If you have visited one in the past, you may already know about the basic women's health services they provide. However, there are other services they provide once you are pregnant. If you are not sure what services your OBGYN will provide, here are a few of the more common services. 

Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing is vital to the health of you and your baby. This type of testing includes regular urine tests, blood tests, and pelvic exams. You may not understand why there have to be so many of these, but there are reasons. For example, urine tests actually help notify the OBGYN if you are dehydrated or if there is an issue with your levels. Blood tests help to check if iron levels are low, if there is a diabetes issue, or if other issues that can develop during pregnancy are happening. 

Tests for Birth Defects

Some issues your baby may have are only detectable through various tests or sonograms. Your OBGYN helps you obtain and maintain these appointments. If there is a birth defect or other issue with your baby, the tests can show these issues clearly. Your doctor will then have a follow-up appointment to discuss treatment options, special treatment plans, or even placing you on bed rest for the safety of you and the baby. 

Mental Healthcare

You may not consider mental healthcare as part of your OBGYN appointments or pregnancy care. The truth is, mental healthcare is a vital part of your health, especially during your pregnancy. During each appointment your OBGYN may discuss your mental health. If you begin to slip into depression or show other signs of mental healthcare issues, your doctor will refer you for counseling and further help if needed. Though medication may not be part of this type of care, due to the baby's health, you will still be able to get counseling and any other assistance that can help you from slipping into a dark depression or anxiety. 

Your OBGYN will use the first appointment for some basic tests and check-ups. They will then discuss with you the services available to you. Many OBGYNs tend to schedule several appointments so you have a regular day and time you visit for regular check-ins. This makes it easier on scheduling and makes it easier on your own schedule as well.

For more information, contact an OBGYN near you.


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